Products: Battery Test Analysis Lab

From raw data to executive report with the help of Battery Test Analysis Lab

Go beyond capacity data and cell voltages

  • Click and create a full analysis.
  • No programming knowledge required.
  • Ideal for repetitive tasks.¬†

Battery Test Analysis Lab has a high valued export function

  • Extract parts of the test data for using it in
    • EXCEL
    • COMSOL
    • BMS algorithms.
  • Define your column names, order, scaling and decimal signs.
  • Interpolate, like 1 second or 1% SOC, the data before exporting.

Example: compare the EMF-curve from different methods

  • Interpolate slow charge & discharge data
  • Export it to Excel
  • Determine the averaged open circuit voltage.
  • Combine it with GITT data extracted with your analysis script¬†