After spending  2-3 weeks working with BATAL, now it’s the time to give you some feedback from my side. I would say the biggest advantage of BATAL  is the ease of plotting and having the chance to compare different graphs by only selecting a new selector.

The second great thing is writing a script is really simple in BATAL. I believe, with some practice,  anyone is able to write his own script without having any knowledge in programming.

FZ Jülich

The manual data analysis of one reference test performed within SPICY took me almost 4 hours. Indeed each useful value was taken manually from the .txt file and the derived parameters, necessary to fill in the report table, were calculated either manually or using Excel. As a comparison, once the BATAL script had been prepared, in 4 hours I was able to extract the data of 20 reference tests. Therefore, BATAL really allows to save time. Furthermore, it is a useful tool for data analysis.

The instruction videos are exhaustive and permit the user to immediately start working with BATAL.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)