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Battery Modelling Lab

The module for engineers modelling batteries

  • Choose from several equivalent network models
    • Pure resistor
    • 1st order thévenin model
    • 1st order freedomCar model
    • 2nd order models
    • Capacitor-diode model
  • Fit as many models as you want on your data.
  • The individual fits and their results are stored in an Excel book.
    • See afterwards the fit quality
    • Understand the why the parameters at a certain SOC level differ from the others by regarding back to the fit graphs
    • See the parameters as function of SOC graphically.
    • Compare optimal characteristic times between models.
  • The data fitting works particularly good for one or more pulses at several SOC levels. 

Accompanying figures for Battery Modelling Lab

battery modelling
FreedomCar model
First order FreedomCar model
thévenin model
Second order thévenin model